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Are you at a performance plateau? Having nagging pain? Or just need a nice, long stretch?

Versus Bodies can help you get where you want to be!

  • Feel better
  • Perform better
  • Be better

Get care in methods designed to alleviate pain, maximize strength and flexibility, and help you move in a way that’s healthier and more efficient.

Effects can often be felt after the first session, and the results are longer lasting than other methods.

To book a session (or request more information), please contact Brandon:

Photo: Kurt Paris. Model: Caroline Paris

You’ll can get treatment by three of these leading performance modalities:

These methods are designed to promote fast, long-lasting healing. And you’ll learn to move in a way to keep yourself performing at your pain-free maximum. The proof of these methods is supported by satisfied clients and scientific studies.

? No cracking bones

? No holding painful positions for long periods

? No boring exercises

? No metaphysical stuff

Why wait? Be better. Go here to schedule with Brandon.

Reviews of Service

MAT gets unprecedented results fast!
Combining FST with MAT yields stability & flexibility.